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Counselor, Coach, Podcaster, Adventurous hiker and World traveler

I’m Alicia Lindsey Ober.


My heart is to walk alongside you in your journey toward healing as your coach and hiking guide.


As an advocate for mental health and physical wellness, I’ve dedicated most of my life to helping others to be the best version of themselves. My expertise and initial experiences stem predominately from my identity as a Gold Star Wife and Suicide Loss Survivor.

Unfortunately, I know all too well how easy it can be to isolate yourself and feel stuck after you lose someone close to you. 


Are you ready to TRANSFORM your life?

Increase your


Strengthen your


Execute your

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It's time to leverage your pain, optimize your life, visualize your future and execute your purpose through Love Over Loss Coaching. Learn to live a more purposeful life focused on love after loss.


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Are you ready to hike with Confidence, elevate Your Clarity, activate your Purpose and LOVE THE NEW YOU! It's time to hike torelease your pain and reclaim your power!

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Stop obsessing on the life you used to have and start focusing on
who you want to become. 


“I’ve been working with Alicia for the past several months and she has helped me gain clarity on areas in my life where I felt stuck personally as well as areas in my life professionally that I have not been holding myself accountable. While talking and learning new strategies with Alicia every week, she supported me wholeheartedly while also challenging me to take my whole life to a higher level. If you are ready to push yourself to grow in ways you never thought were possible, I would highly recommend working with Alicia as your high performance coach”.

Anne A., Small Business Owner

“Alicia has motivated, inspired, and encouraged me to grow in so many ways. The opportunity to work with her as my high performance coach helped push me out of my comfort zone and start seeing improvements in my courage, productivity, and energy. I appreciate how she was able to positively encourage me to start focusing on myself again and keep me focused on the goals I set for myself.”

Susan D., Social Media Specialist

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Learn from vulnerable and open conversations about successfully navigating through the depths of loss to lead a fully engaged life with confidence, clarity, and purpose.


It's time to TRANSFORM your life!

Schedule your 30 minute Activation Call to learn how you can start moving forward fearlessly now!

Inspiring you to lead a healthy life through active healing and personal growth

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